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I think you can put SEO forecasts into three groups.“I’m feeling optimistic — add to this year” or similar flat changes to existing figures. More complex versions might only add 20% to certain groups of pages or keywords. I think a lot of agencies use this kind of forecast in pitches, and it comes down to drawing on experience. Keyword CTR models, when you estimate a ranking change (or sweeping set of ranking changes), then extrapolate the resulting change in traffic from search volume and CTR data (you can see a similar methodology here.

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Again more complex versions might have Hungary Phone Number List some basis for the ranking change (e.g. “What if we swapp places with competitor A in every keyword of group X where they currently outrank us? Statistical forecast bas on historical data, when you extrapolate from previous trends and seasonality to see what would happen if everything remain constant (same level of marketing activity by you and competitors, etc.). Type two has its merits, but if you compare the likes of Ahrefs SEMRush Sistrix data to your own analytics, you’ll see how hard this is to generalize. As an aside, I don’t think type one is as ridiculous as it looks, but it’s not something I’ll be exploring any further in this post.

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In any case the template in this post fits into type Phone Number QA three. What makes this an SEO forecast? Why, nothing at all. One thing you’ll notice about my description of type three above is that it doesn’t mention anything SEO-specific. It could equally apply to direct traffic, for example. That said, there are a couple of reasons I’m suggesting this specifically as an SEO forecast: We’re on the Moz Blog and I’m an SEO consultant. There are better methodologies available for a lot of other channels. I mention that type two above is very.

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