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All products – here you can see all the products uploaded to the account, including inspection and filters. Feeds (product data) – this is a file that includes a list of products that you want to promote through Google’s Merchant Center. 3. Reports and data The account allows you to receive reports on your product data. The information includes data about display in the various Google products, number of exposures, number of clicks, click rates and more. Program management You can manage the various programs in the system, for example if you want to promote your products through Google Shopping, either through sponsored promotion or through organic promotion.

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As well as you can join other tools such as coupons, sales Jordan Phone Number List promotions, dynamic remarketing, product ratings and more. This is how it looks: Google Merchant Center – General view Google Merchant Center – general view How to open a Merchant Center account? To create a Google Merchant Center account, go to the next page and then connect with your regular Google account. After that, continue to enter business details: business name, physical address, contact details and more. Next, you must verify that you are the owner of the business and the website and specify an ownership claim for that website.

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You can verify by adding an HTML file, an HTML tag, Google Phone Number QA Analytics , Google Tag Manager or Google Search Console . The next step is to choose where you want the customers to make the purchase, whether on the website, whether in the physical store or in the Google store (Buy On Google) which is available in certain countries. Later, you must upload your product file to the site, complete the process of product verification and inspection, and then, you will be able to receive the products through organic Google store promotion or sponsored with Google Ads.

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