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True framework for optimizing the customer journey, improving acquisition. And retention, and going beyond what’s expecte to serve your clients well. How to Be Ahead of the (CTR) Curve Izzi Smith Let’s face it. Carrying out SEO magic is all in vain when you’re forgetting about.  How your brand and products are being surfacein the SERPs. By not properly analyzing or enhancing our organic CTR. We’re greatly limiting our potential. Izzi will help you create the perfect SERP engagement strategy by covering practical ways to uplift your significant CTR. Such as remedying your critical keyword rankings that could soon be lost, leveraging brand-empowering entity features.

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Assessing the risks of doing so more intelligent Jordan Phone Number List testing of rich & feature snippet optimizations, and a whole lot more. CTR-you-ready? You better be! How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss Brian Dean Creating content is easy. But getting people to see your content? That’s a different story. Brian Dean shares over a dozen practical strategies that you can use to spread the word about your latest blog post, podcast episode, or YouTube video. Google My Business: Battling Bad Info & Safeguarding Your Search Strategy Joy Hawkins What’s the harm in a little misinformation here and there? In the realm of local SEO, Joy Hawkins is here to outline exactly that. When it comes to local search and Google My Business, bad info can be make or break for your campaigns.

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Follow real data from a recent case Phone Number MX study that illustrates why strategic decisions should be base on accurate information and what can happen when that info is bad, wrong, or just plain incomplete. Runtime: The 3-Ring Circus of Technical SEO Michael King Mike redefine technical SEO and its importance in our industry back in 2016. In 2018, he taught us everything we didn’t know about SEO. This year, he’s back to share the hottest technical tactics to up-level your efforts, plus the case studies and data that should be guiding your decisions. Everyday Automation for Marketers David Sottimano As a general rule, we shouldn’t be doing things that a computer can do better.

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