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Almost immeiately the site jumpe up in the search results and was ranke in the first places for the relevant services it offers. Within two months we were informe that the amount of sales increase by almost 30% thanks to the visits to the website. Do you have amazing content and you are still not ranke where you want to be? Leave details below or on the side, and we will be happy to give you a technical overview of the site at no cost. As the Internet becomes the city square and increasingly connects to all levels of our lives, this has increasing effects on the businesses that operate on the Internet, which have to adapt themselves to the norms that apply to “off-line” businesses that exist outside the Internet.

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For example, businesses and government bodies are now Armenia Phone Number List oblige to make themselves accessible to people with disabilities – with ramps, toilets, elevators, etc. Well, today websites are also oblige by law to make themselves accessible to people with disabilities so that they can derive from them the same benefit and the same value that people without disabilities derive from them. Website accessibility Website accessibility: why and why? The logic behind making websites accessible is simple: the internet contains cultural, political, health, professional, consumer, academic and more information, and it is not fair that this information should only be available to people without disabilities.

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About 15-25 percent of Israelis have disabilities of one kind Phone Number QA or another, and websites must make themselves accessible to them as well. The connection between people with disabilities to the Internet is of decisive benefit to them, which will allow them to communicate, learn, consume and perform actions in a convenient and accessible way, as each of us has become accustome to doing. Every website owner should jump at the opportunity to make the business accessible to additional audiences who until now could not get convenient exposure to their services and products.

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