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Me sum up it’s a mess. I like to think I’m pretty good at handling messes, but this is like trying to find one particular drop of water in two weeks of rain during a summer-long storm. If you like messes, read on, but for the rest of you, I’ll tell you this — I found no clear evidence that this first iteration of the Helpful Content Update move the needle for most sites. Averages, lies, and damne lies Given the extend rollout, I attempte to look at the difference in visibility for individual domains for the 14 days before and after the start of the rollout (which helps smooth out single-day outliers and keeps the days of the week consistent across both sides).

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One loser that immediately poppeup was Iran Phone Number List, with nearly a 50% visibility loss in our data set. I admit, I even got a little judgmental about the hyphen in the domain name. Then, I look at the daily data: The averages don’t tell even half of this story. Whatever happen to, they were completely knock out of the rankings for 20 out of the 28 days analyze. Note that the MozCast data set is limite, but our much larger STAT data set showe a similar pattern, with ranking for up to 14,000 keywords on one day during this period. What happene? I have no idea, but it quite definitely, almost certainly, very probably maybe was not the Helpful Content Update.

Iran Phone Number List

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Confirm content coincidence Here’s an Phone Number MX example I got pretty excit about. saw a +54% total visibility gain across the two time periods. The keyword set was pretty small so, once again, I dug into the daily numbers: Looks great, right? There’s a clear spike on August 25 (although it fades a bit), and while the spike wasn’t as large, I was able to confirm this against a larger data set. If I was smart, I would’ve stopped the analysis right here. My friends, I was not smart. One of the challenges of the Helpful Content Update is that Google.

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