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Since a website only has a few seconds to convince visitors to stay, the importance of website design is crucial. A site that doesn’t look good will drive away visitors to the arms of the competitors’ sites. If you have a website or if you want to build a website , you should go through the following tips and apply them. Website design tips 1. Make sure you have a professional logo that is linke to the home page Your logo is very important for business branding, so it should appear in a prominent place, look good, have high image quality and not be grainy.

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Make sure that the corner where the logo will be place is Belgium Phone Number List repeate on all the pages of the site, and that from anywhere when you click on it, it leads to the home page – and thus navigation on the site will be simpler. 2. Less is More Many websites try to cram all the existing design elements into each page, but the result is one big mess that makes it difficult for visitors to absorb what they see, and above all – makes it difficult for them to perform the actions we would like them to perform. There should not be more than one prompt for action on the page, too many menus or links, as these will not generate activity, on the contrary.

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The content should also be short and to the point and the Phone Number QA paragraphs should be short and space. If there are some spaces between the content and the images and the design elements, it will only emphasize what is there – and the results accordingly. 3. Use color wisely The colors must match the nature and scope of the business. For example, delicate and neutral colors convey cleanliness, elegance and modernity, while bright colors convey liveliness, childishness and power. It is important that the website’s colors match the colors of the logo.

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