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The file includes the product data specification. That is: product name, product description, serial number or item number, purchase link, image link, price, availability (in stock or not), Google product category, brand (by product type), condition (new, use), attribute (size, color, age, gender) and more. It should be note that there is a mandatory specification that is mandatory for every type of product, and there is a specification that is optional and optional (depending on the type of product). You can see the full list here . Important note: Your account must comply with Google’s terms and policies regarding product display and threshold conditions. Otherwise, your account may be terminate.

Guides You Can Teach Your Target Audience

If you have an e-commerce store, you are welcome to Kazakhstan Phone Number List contact us so that we can help you interface your products to the account, and also to promote your products. Netolink works with digital stores and offers them integration services, creating advance shopping ads and promoting the products in the free search results. Our experience and knowlege returns your investment in a short time. WhatsApp Business is undoubtely a necessary service for businesses in general, and it is possible to get potential customers to contact you directly through Facebook or Instagram through a WhatsApp Business campaign. If you want to reach a new audience – this is an interesting tool. Here’s everything you nee to know. What is a WhatsApp Business campaign.

Kazakhstan Phone Number List

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WhatsApp Business is an application and service that Phone Number QA allows you to create a business account and conduct conversations and discussions with your customers. You can also create a product catalog on WhatsApp or even create a store on WhatsApp with a shopping basket. But now an important question is aske and it is.. So how do you get the target audience and potential customers to contact you via WhatsApp?! Well, there are several methods for this, one of the methods is to create a link to WhatsApp and add it to the website.

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