How to optimize the input-output ratio and realize the category Improve business efficiency. First of all Germany Phone Number

At this time, the category transportation and marketing side Germany Phone Number has done a good job. More can take another step to the purchasing side to understand the link cost and gross

profit space of commodities, and think about coordination and activity rhythm. How to optimize the input-output ratio and realize the category Improve business efficiency.

Suggested direction: It is no longer just to understand commodities

through data and commodity information, and to go deep into the supply side Germany Phone Number with procurement, to be familiar with the distribution of category industry belts, to understand the commodity links of suppliers and agents, and to achieve stronger supply chain protection and control.

Research industry category use research reports, have strong industry analysis capabilities, dig deep to capture users’ potential needs, and creatively develop differentiated products.

Stage 4: Integration of purchasing and sales, business thinking

At this stage, more than 5 years of category operation classmates are more likely to have professional category operation capabilities, a perspective of comprehensive resource integration, understanding of commodity cost chains,

Germany Phone Number
Germany Phone Number

business management thinking, paying closer attention to the origin

and market conditions, and seizing cost advantages , to force procurement to optimize the supply chain

earn more gross profit for the company, and provide users with more cost-effective products and services.

There is no systematic summary framework for category operation so far.

It is not necessarily these stages, but the direction is a big mistake. Due to the limitations of my thinking, if there are any mistakes or omissions, please exchange and correct me.

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