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Please check if the data aligns with the correct columns. Or the rest of the outputs are going to look really odd). Stage. Defining which domains you’re unable to compete with Navigate to. Domain Selection. The first step is to enter your additional traffic. Conversions, and revenue. These figures are calculate by working out estimate current traffic. Conversions and revenue based on current rank, search volume, conversion rate. And average order value and subtracting this from these figures should. The domain rank in the highest potential position.

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Stage Output  Predicted Traffic/SOV Per Cameroon Phone Number List Domain Navigate to [Output 4] Predicted Traffic/SOV Per Domain. This output provides an overview of the total estimated traffic per domain from the top 20 report, which allows you to see which domains are driving the highest amount of traffic across your keywords. Which pulls in the share of voice for each of these domains. The calculation is total traffic per domain/total traffic across all domains. On the right side of the page, your own domain’s current estimated traffic will be pulled through, alongside Share of Voice. Domains into the boxes below. Which will provide total estimated traffic and share of voice with a comparison to your own domain. How does this Google Sheet work.

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This sheet is designed to allow you to import a Phone Number QA  top 20 rankings report for your priority keywords, select which domains you feel you aren’t able to outrank within your niche, and optionally enter in CTR figures by position, average conversion rate, and Average Order Value (AOV), if you have access to this data. Then, in the [Output 3] Keyword Opportunities tab you’ll get a list of the best potential rankings you could get for each keyword, ordered by total additional traffic and revenue you could get from on top of what you.

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