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Our advice Test your headlines first before launching ad campaigns. So you can understand what messages the audience responds to better. We recommend that you add a sales pitch to some of the titles you test. For example, add a 5% discount, promotional code, bonus points to the reminder about the fill e cart. Another option that can be us e in the test text is the mention of the USP. For example, same day delivery, free lifting of heavy goods, great loyalty program. Low click through rate due to incorrect settings If the ad itself does not match the queries, any contextual ads in search will be ineffective. When it comes to retargeting, things get even more complicat e because a new variable comes into play – the retargeting condition.

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For campaigns to work there ne es to be consistency Saudi Arabia Phone Number List between the ad message, queries, and retargeting condition. Here is an example of a good combination. You can use general queries, the “Visitors” segment, and texts similar to “Our store has a lot of discounts, come back and see how the prices have chang e.” In this case, there will be no contradictions, because the user simply visit e the site, did not place an order, did not look for any specific products. Most likely, he will not mind getting acquaint e with profitable offers. Now we offer a variant with a bad combination. Most likely, a campaign with the following parameters will not be effective: key phrases about cheap tooth extraction, the segment “Visit e the Dental Surgery page”, the text “Do you want to install dental implants.

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The problem is that the ad gets ahead of itself and offers a service that the user may never ask for. Difficult retargeting setup for inexperienc e professionals This problem will be especially relevant Phone Number QA for beginners who are not familiar with retargeting in general. Direct provides a very large number of retargeting conditions and options for forming segments. In the screenshot you see only some of them: Yandex retargeting How to set up? What to add to ads? What to choose for the best effect? Testing as part of regular retargeting in networks helps answer these questions. You will be able to collect enough data to set up a search campaign correctly in the future. If you have absolutely no experience in running retargeting campaigns, contact a specialist.

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