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I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates. News and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . More and more tools are connecte to the Business Suite account. For example, you can manage the share mailbox (Facebook – Instagram) in one place. Of course you have to connect these accounts before that.

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. Facebook Business Suite – advantages So why is it Iceland Phone Number List worth using this tool? Free – Business Suite is a free tool, there is no usage fee or other payments. Centralize interface – the account is centralize and includes all Facebook and Instagram pages, usage data, advertising accounts and more. Simple to operate – this tool is not complicate for routine work and after a couple of times you can fully understand it. It’s easy to get starte – if you have a Facebook Business Manager. You don’t nee to set up a suite account, it’s create automatically. Computer and mobile – the account can also be manage through the browser on the computer or through the application on the mobile phone. Facebook Business Suite features Facebook Business Suite includes many tools and features. Here they are: 1. Receiving notifications You can receive notifications about actions and updates for all your business accounts (all pages and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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The division is made according to any type of Facebook Phone Number QA or Instagram page. The notifications are share if Facebook business and Instagram business accounts are linke to each other. For example, someone who like a post or page, a notification about a receive message, additional updates and more. 2. Management of messages and inquiries The system allows you to manage the messages you receive to your business Facebook account via Messenger.  Or to your business Instagram account (via Direct / Messenger). The inbox includes all the messages you receive and you can manage them in one centralize place as well as divide them by categories such as the complete folder, trash, spam, incoming mail and more. 3. Managing and publishing posts.

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