Niantic Creates 5g Supergroup for Planet-scale Ar Service

A specialist in ar solutions. Has created a telecommunications dream team with. Some of the largest operators in the world. The planet-scale ar alliance was formed in partnership. With companies such as deutsche telekom. (t-mobile), ee, globe, orange, sk telecom, softbank, telus and verizon. Together, they’ll b.E doing… well, it’s not really clear what exactly. They’ll be doing. Niantic has been building. And announcing a “Planet-scale” ar platform for some time now .That will help developers create their .Own location-based experiences. However, it’s unclear how these will differ from niantic’s existing projects. Or the flood of pokémon go game. Clones like the walking dead , dragon quest , and the witcher.

The Planet-scale Ar Alliance Project Website is Available

Regardless, niantic seems .Confident in its mission to make the world better. The company bought a 3d mapping startup .Called 6d.Ai in march and continues to develop it int.O a real-world platform, which is the software .That underpins the pokémon go and. Harry potter: wizards unite games . With the planet.-scale ar alliance , niantic has Finland Phone Number List promised to “Provide. Exclusive 5g-enabled ar content” and. Demonstrate something that demonstrates “What innovation. Means in the 5g world.” yes, we know what. You’re thinking: it’s a lot of buzzwords. And very few details. In the press release, niantic mentioned.”The durability of real-world ar content. That others can experience dynamically.” the planet-scale ar alliance project website is available at.

The “Planet-scale Ar Alliance” is to Bring Together the Largest Mobile Operators Who Want to Develop

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