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Marketing and sales channels You can create stores on Facebook and Instagram, stores on Marketplace or WhatsApp – that is, a kind of digital storefront where the products uploaded to the catalog manager on Facebook appear. You can also create shopping ads or a catalog to promote the products. In fact – both organic and sponsored. This is how it looks: Facebook Commerce Manager – General view Facebook Commerce Manager – general view How to open a Commerce Manager account? To open a Facebook Commerce Manager account, you must go to the next page and then connect with your Facebook Business Manager account.

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Then proceed as follows: Click on create a store or start. Choose the Italy Phone Number List payment method, whether the payment is on an external website, via checkout on Facebook and Instagram (US only at the moment) or via the messenger. Choose the sales channels – Facebook or Instagram pages. Give your commerce account a name. Add products – select your catalog or create a new one. Check that everything is correct using the preview. That’s it, then you can access the account settings to design the stores, apply and more. In order for you to complete the account, you must upload the product list via file or software, with your e-commerce site. The product specification includes, among others, the product name, price, image, purchase link, item number or serial number, availability in stock or not, product categories according to.

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Google (yes, according to Google), condition, feature, etc. It is important to Phone Number QA say that there is a specification that is mandatory for each type of product and there is an optional specification depending on the type of product. For more information you can refer here . If you have an e-commerce store, you are welcome to contact us so that we can help you interface your products to the account, and also to promote your products. Netolink works with digital stores and offers them integration services, creating advanced shopping ads and promoting the products in the free search results. Do you have a business selling products.

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