New Cloud Hosting and Email Offer With 2 Tb of Data

The new offer is another. Convenience for the company’s customers .Who report an increasing demand for data storage space. For many companies that have been. Operating in the digital world for years. And have accumulated a large amount of. Data, it is not the computing. Power of the server, but the disk. Space that is a barrier to further development. The growing amount of mail sent .And received every day accounts for the majority of the occupied. Disk space. Gigabytes of. Data sent by e-mails document the history of contacts .And settlements with customers, constituting the basic. Knowledge base of each company. About its contractors.

The Company Has Introduced New Hosting and E-mail Services

As a result, mailboxes are constantly. Increasing in volume and this is a trend that has bee.N observed for many years. For this reason, the company nam.Pl has introduced to. Its offer: new packages of website and .E-mail hosting services called cloudhosting, allowing. To store up to 2 tb of e-mail and data. Made available on websites. Specialized packages. Designed Italy Phone Number List to handle mail called cloudmail. These services also provide up to 2 tb of storage space , but it can be used entirely for mail. Email accounts in the new cloudhosting and cloudmail offer. Have a disk space reservation of a. Minimum size of 5 gb, which guarantees. That each message sent by contractors will reach without problems.

For This Reason the Company Has Introduced to Its Offer

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Mail service on hundreds. Of servers in the nam.Pl cloud and the ability to .Send and receive mail of up to 1 gb means that even. Companies that send graphics and video .Materials in high resolution will be able. To easily exchange their correspondence. Without the risk of Phone Number QA running out of disk space. Cloudmail e-mail. Service at nam.Pl (screen) in order to. Make the use of such large mailboxes as. Convenient as possible, in midintroduced a new. Program for handling mail via www, cloud mail , which is characterized by. A modern design, a clear and intuitive interface and a number of additional. Improvements. Source: name.

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