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Some business models exist in the ditches of Google’s information highways. Belonging in local search results, but not well address by the official guidelines. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations exemplify this. They’re all over local packs, finders, and maps, but their model is a bit unusual. And Google has yet to update the guidelines to show exactly how to represent them in theGoogle My Business setting. Today e’ll pull together our own set of EV charging station best practices  bas. On Google’s rules for similar enterprises . And throw a few free local search marketing tips into the trunk as well.

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How to handle your EV charging station Google Benin Phone Number List My Business listings Whether you’re an owner, in-house marketer, or agency staffer who’s been task with promoting a fleet of EV charging stations online, having a presence in Google’s local search results — including local packs, local finders, Google Business Profiles, and Google Maps — should be core to your digital strategy. While Google’s helpful guidelines don’t specifically address EV charging stations, proof that they’re eligible for inclusion can be seen in the extra special features and categories Google has releas for these models. For example, the above screenshot shows the charger icons, charger type designations, and wattage displays in the local results.

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In the US and UK Google displays live Phone Number QA charger availability data for some networks for consumer convenience. Even the map pins have special icons in them for EV charging stations. Google definitely knows about them, and wants this industry to get list. If you’ve never set up a GMB listing before, Google’s own resources will walk you through the process of filling out and validating a profile for an individual location, but EV charging station marketers are most likely dealing with many locations at once. If you ne to get 10 or more locations list, you’ll be using.

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