Netflix to Film the Three-body Problem

The international chinese bestseller. The three body problem is being adapted. As a netflix sci-fi original series by the. Creators of game of thrones! “The three-body problem”, “Dark forest”, “Death’s end” – reminiscing earth’s past series – netflix original series. The science fiction novel the three -body. Problem is the first book in the remembrance. Of earth’s past series by cixin liu. While the concept may not seem very groundbreaking – it is the story of the first encounter with. An alien civilization – the way liu cixin combines science and fiction. Makes his vision of the future and. Contact with extraterrestrials much more. Realistic than other similar plots from science fiction genre.

What is the “Three Body Problem” About

It is a captivating story about. All humanity exposed to the same external threat that both unites and divides people. Netflix. Has always been looking for interesting storie.S for material for its productions. With series such as black. Mirror Armenia Phone Number List and sense8 , the focus was on finding stories that are one-of-a-kind. The three-body problem is also a unique and extremely universal story, which is why the streaming. Giant decided to create a series based on it (and the next two parts). The list of. Creators is led by writers and executive producers – david benioff and db weiss.

The Members of the Artistic Team Are Also Brilliant and Outstanding Executive Producers Such as

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Game of thrones ) and alexander woo ( terror: day of infamy , true blood ) – with extensive experience working on ambitious sagas taking place at different point.S in time and space. On the other hand, rian johnson and production partner ram. Bergman ( looper – time loop , knives out , star wars: the last jedi) have been serving audiences with .Exciting and Phone Number QA surprising blockbusters for a long time. This time, this duo took care of the executive production and from the beginning they .Emphasize that they intend to faithfully reflect .The content of the books in their series. It was extremely important for the. Developers to get the support of liu cixin, who created this vast universe.

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