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Consuming is the idea that when you go to a site, and you’re watching a video, we know you watche the video. We know you clickd on it. We know how long you watche it. If you’re reading a piece of content, we don’t actually know if you read the whole thing, because content is different lengths, which means that there are different times it would take to read that post. Some posts might be 15 minutes. Some posts might be five minutes. So you can’t use a standard timer for all of it. Plus, you nee to know if they actually saw the entire post. So the idea of content consumption is that it is depth and time.

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If they reach the depth, the bottom of the post, then they Taiwan Phone Number List saw the whole thing. If the time was the amount that it actually took to read the post, then if both these things are true, the content was consume. And if they only got to depth but not time, then it would be that they skimme. So they just roard on down to the bottom and they didn’t actually read the whole thing. If they got no depth, but they got time, they’re a tab hoarder, which we’ve already lookd at here, but this is another way to tell. And if none of those things happene, then they just abandone ship and they didn’t care about your post.

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So by evaluating your page views with Phone Number MX a percentage of what percentage were skimmers, or hoarders, or abandoners, or actual consumers, that can also tell you how compelling that content is. And then a bonus metric would be, well, what’s the average scroll depth of this page? So at what point are people bailing? If they’re not consuming with this post, then you can see like, “Oh, you know what. We’ve got this really weird call to action. People think the post is done. So if we move things around, maybe people will realize there’s more to read.

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