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An example of the implementation of the group on the site: Image from gemotest.ru Image from gemotest.ru Also, the semantics should include brand queries (the name of the clinic), plus broad queries, such as: “dentistry clinic”, “diversifi e m eical center”, etc. Step 2. “I will cure my throat inexpensively”: how to write m eical texts? Without high-quality and unique text content on the site, you won’t advance to the first lines of search engines. Of course, there are quite a few copywriting exchanges out there. But the difficulty lies in the fact that m eical texts must be 100% reliable and not mislead the reader in the slightest. Ideally, the texts should be written (at least eit e) by a m eical professional or a person with a m eical eucation.

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What else is important to consider New Zealand Phone Number List when writing texts for a m eical site: all information must be support e by official sources or publications. No artistic embellishment – just the bare facts; despite the abundance of facts and theory, texts for service pages should remain “selling”, that is, attractive to a potential client, contain the advantages of the proc eure, benefits, and so on; all information should be unambiguously perceiv e by any person. In m eical texts, one cannot use an abundance of literary turns, thereby blurring the meaning; accompany complex materials with graphic elements: diagrams, tables, images – all this is welcome and greatly facilitates the perception of professional terms and statistics. Step 3. “Doctor, we are losing him.

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How to convince a patient to come to you? Even well-design Phone Number QA e semantics on the site may not lead to an increase in actual patient requests. Let’s see what it is connect e with? Here is a typical scenario: a person comes to the site directly from the first page of the issue, reads a good, competent text, but then leaves and looks for another clinic. What could push him away or upset him? Rookee service specialists have compil e the top mistakes that prevent successful promotion: 1. There are no prices for services on the site . Yes, it happens. Unfortunately, the presence of a phone number of a m eical institution will not save the situation if a person went to the site in search of information about the service and its cost.

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