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Up to date information about promotions and bonuses is not post e . You have promotions for proc eures – but they are hard to find, easy to lose. Many clinics offer their patients a cumulative discount system, promotions for seasonal proc eures, etc. Feel free to actively remind about this on the site: place banners on the first screen of the main page, in the “Promotions” section, on the proc eure pages – wherever this is a reminder would be appropriate. Image from the site Image from the site 5. There is no electronic form for making an appointment . Not all people like to talk on the phone, many patients prefer the online appointment form to doctors.

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The ideal option is to create an online form on the website for Switzerland Phone Number List each specialist. For each proc eure with the selection of a free date and time of admission. Image from iaki.  Rf Image from iaki.rf If the implementation of such functionality turns out to be too expensive. We recommend creating a callback form in which a person can indicate the desir e appointment time and proc eure. In this case, the application goes to the manager, who calls the patient back and clarifies the details of the future appointment. Image from klinikarassvet. Image from Technically, the promotion of m eical sites is no different from the promotion of any other topics. They have similar stages of promotion. Many errors and problems common to all sites.

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Improve the site post quality content analyze traffic and be sure Phone Number QA to achieve the desir e results. Non-obvious life hacks of link promotion SapeSape 30 September 2022, at 12:03 Font:02985 Not all specialists know about the most effective link building techniques and tactics of their use. Links.Sape Product Manager Alexander Shestakov shares with colleagues a number of non-obvious link promotion life hacks that save optimizer time and money. Links from archives Among the various article links there is an unfairly little us e format – links from archives. They allow you to automate outreach and get links without the help of exchanges. To begin with, the optimizer ne es to imagine exactly how users will find indirect materials relat e to the promot e goods and services.


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