More Leads for B2b Websites

Heard wish of marketing managers of B2B websites. With many B2B websites, online lead generation is the primary objective of the website. But how do you ensure that these visitors actually convert? In this article, you will read about how more leads can be realized by focusing the website visitor based on the stage of the buying process the website visitor is in.

Target audiences

A business website visitor surfs to a website of a business service provider or supplier for a specific purpose. Based on these goals, we can distinguish the following main target groups of a B2B website:

  • press
  • ‘information seekers
  • existing company employees
  • new company employees
  • stakeholders
  • existing customers
  • potential customers

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This article is about the latter target group: potential customers. Whether it is a website of a supplier of climate technology solutions, a company in the security sector or a Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists software company that provides ERP implementations, the main goal is to convince this target group to become a customer via the website. In other words: online lead generation.

Owner Partner Shareholder Email Lists

Online lead generation is the process of converting anonymous business visitors to the website into visitors who leave their details through the website in any way. The Commercial Office or an Account Manager is then able to contact this lead with this data in order to eventually initiate the traditional sales process. Initially, traffic on the website is needed. A number of online resources can be used for this, such as search engine optimization, search engine advertising campaigns, link building, etc. But how do you ensure that this visit converts?

Rational buying process

In order to properly address and convince this target group of the website, it is important to realize that this target group is in a certain phase of the buying process. If we look at the rational buying process when purchasing a product or service, the following phases can be distinguished:

1. problem recognition
2. gather information
3. compare alternatives
4. purchase

Every website visitor within this target group is in one of the above phases on a website. It is important that the functionality and call-to-action are geared to these buying phases.

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