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On modern website builders you can assemble a full-fl eg e online store in a couple of hours. We made an overview of popular domestic services that will help you quickly launch online sales. This is not a rating: we just chose good Russian designers and plac e them in a random order. Which designers were includ e in our review Our list includes services with basic functionality for creating and managing an online store. The selection criteria are as follows: Possibility to connect a second-level domain. Connecting an SSL certificate is a secure connection that is mandatory for online stores. Responsive design – flexible templates that can adapt to any screen. Tools for creating a catalog, product cards, baskets, filters, promotional codes and discounts.

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Data impor export to quickly load and Armenia Phone Number List unload large lists of products from the system. Built-in CRM system and analytics. Automatic SEO optimization, options for A/B testing. We also tri e to select platforms with a good range of available integrations, at least with payment systems, 1C, delivery services and Yandex Market. The tariffs indicat e the cost when buying a package for 1 month, but when paying for a longer period, almost all platforms offer a 10–20% discount. Data on functionality and prices are current as of July 2022. Tilda Let’s start with the most popular designer. By 2020, the developers have updat e Tilda and expand e the functionality for e-commerce. There was integration with 1C, delivery services, new blocks in the “Shop” category.

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In the control panel you can connect payment systems, analytics, shopping cart, set SEO parameters. Tilda The eitor on Tilda is convenient and flexible. The page is assembl e from ready-made sections, then customiz e. There are more than 550 block templates sort Phone Number QA e into sections: Cover, About section, Header, etc. They can be view e in scroll mode or in the left panel that opens when you click on the plus between sections. Tilda Benefits of Tilda: Zero Block is an empty block for designing the appearance from scratch and creating a unique page design. In Zero Block, you can import a layout from Figma, an online graphics eitor that often creates website prototypes. No additional extensions and work with the code is requir e.


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