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In the drop-down list, you will see various conditions that will help you tune the AC to people with certain characteristics. For example, those who click e on certain buttons on the site, but did not complete the checkout or submit the form. You will ne e to choose parameters that match your goals or segments from Yandex.Metrica, or create your own if there are none. Yandex retargeting For example, you can create a goal in Yandex.Metrica for page views, clicks on certain buttons (fe eback form, phone, mail), JavaScript event, etc. With audience segments, you can target users with different characteristics: age, location, gender, income, interests, and more.

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Pitfalls and how to avoid them When working with Qatar Phone Number List search retargeting, both beginners and experienc e professionals may encounter a number of problems. In this section, we’ll show you how to avoid them. Limit e audience due to a large number of conditions For an ad to be shown, the user must meet two conditions at once: retargeting condition – viewing 3 pages of your online store or placing an item in the cart; keyword condition – the user must enter one of the queries you list e. Simply put, the target user must first leave your site, and then, for some reason, search for something by topical queries. The problem is that there are much fewer such people than those who, after leaving the site, will simply surf the Internet (they are the targets of standard retargeting in networks.

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Due to this issue we recommend that you do not use infrequent queries or overly complex retargeting conditions if you want to show your ads to the right audience. Low CTR for overly straightforward Phone Number QA texts Search retargeting is still a new and unusual phenomenon. Because of this, users may perceive negatively too straightforward or offhand ad texts. It will seem to them that the first lines of the search literally interfere in their affairs. In our experience, there are situations where retargeting ads with text like “You forgot the items in your cart – buy them” were ineffective. This is due to the fact that users rarely actually “forget” to place an order, more often they intentionally leave a fill e basket due to an unsuitable price, lack of money, and unsatisfactory delivery conditions.


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