Mobile Trends Conference 2020 Will Be Fully Online for the First Time

Trends shaping the commerce. And banking sector in the post-pandemic era – mtc2020 online conference.! Commerce banking .Mtc 2020 it may seem that the pandemic has. Gone into oblivion. Today, people. Meet carelessly in city centers, and the. Shops are thronged again. However, this is nothing more wrong. The virus has affected entrepreneurs and many businesses. It also affected. The conference industry. For this reason, the organizers have to adapt to. The new realities. More and more .Conferences are organized online. In this formula, on october 8-9, the upcoming, special edition of the mobile. Trends event, which is well known. In the mobile, it, commerce and banking industries, will take place. The pandemic forced changes. In many sectors, but they were .Most visible in commerce and banking.

Revolutions in the Commerce Industry

The restrictions introduced. By the government forced companies. To react quickly and immediately change their strategy. By transferring sales to the internet and the mobile. Channel completely for the duration .Of the lockdown. Also, the financial. Sector could not afford downtime and had to react quickly by adapting. Its applications and websites. To the new reality. Thanks to this, many modern solutions, functionalities and facilities were created and implemented, which companies often did. Not even think Phone Number List about before. This is what the speakers at. The next edition of the mtc conference will be. Talking about. Revolutions in the commerce industry? During zostańwdomumillions of poles easily shopped online. Overnight, it turned out that online sales are available, possible to .Implement and most importantly, understandable even for beginners. Robert paszkiewicz from ovh will talk about why it turned out to be possible.

Mobile Banking in the Era of Lockdown

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The inpost company, which a few months earlier introduced the possibility .Of remotely opening a parcel locker in its application. Without having to touch the panel, perfectly matched the current situation. Wojciech kułaga and maciej wojtowicz from. Inpost will talk about creating this iconic applicatio.N from the perspective of development. And promotion. They will reveal the recipe of how they managed to get over 4 million users. During the. Commerce day, of course, there will be a speech by the gold sponsor of Phone Number QA event. Artur stankiewicz from orange will talk, among other things, about the new post.-covid reality and why the inclusion of.Mobile applications in the sales strategy nowadays is the proverbial bull’s-eye. During the. First day of the conference, which is dedicated to the commerce industry, not only topics related to the pandemic will be discussed, but also trends for the future.

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