Mi Tv Lux Transparent Tv From Xiaomi

The chinese electronics company. Xiaomi has just launched the world’s first mass.-produced transparent tv mi tv 55 “Lux transparent. Edition . The device costs around $7,200 and went on sale in china on august 16, 2020. Transparent tvs have popped up as concepts. At events like ces in the past, but never really. Hit the market. Xioami became the first company .To mass-produce and sell the transparent. Mi tv lux. The idea of ​​flexible tvs has been present. In technology for some time, but no company .Has yet made it a reality. Industry events such as ces have been presenting transparent tvs for years, but only. In the realm of concept.

Will Transparent Tvs Be the New Design Trend

Read also: xiaomi’s 10th birthday. – lei jun’s speech and new products xiaomi mi tv lux makes a complicated design .Problem look simple, so the tv is almost invisible when not. In use. Other recent tv concepts at this year’s.Ces have tried to achieve the .Same goal with a variety of methods, such as lg’s $60,000 rollable tv that retracts when not Algeria Phone Number List in use, and. Samsung’s super-thin bezel-less. Model. For now, the mi tv lux is the only transparent tv that the average person can actually buy. The innovative. Tv has a 55-inch ultra-thin oled screen with a width mi tv lux transparent edition – transparent tv. Mi tv lux transparent edition – transparent tv it seems to float.In the air because there is no back panel.

Lux Transparent Edition Available in China

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Its construction is possible because. All the processing power is contained in a small, circular base that is. Covered with a high-end finish. Xiaomi claims that it is “Not a tv, but a work of art”. The company even goes so far as to say that the mi tv lux will look like exhibit.S from galleries and museums at home. Mi tv lux transparent. Edition – transparent tv when Phone Number QA the tv is turned off, it looks like a transparent glass display. The user interface, including. The home screen, is designed to present a clear display capable of .Displaying stunning colors. It also .Has the option to stay on permanently, with images or text displayed on .The screen. The tv is also equipped with an intelligent .Udio system that detects the content being played and selects the best mode.

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