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To create a WhatsApp status, you must do the following: In the application, click on the status tab. Tap on text or image, as follows – Text – if you want to write certain content without an image or add a link to the website. So choose text, enter it, choose background color, font, emoji and more. Photo or video – you can take a photo or video, or upload a photo, video or GIF drawing from the gallery. You can add a caption and edit the content (adding stickers, formatting, zooming in or out, text, drawing filters, muting video and more). Click send. This can be done through the chats tab and then tapping on the camera. This is what a link status looks like.

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Whatsapp status link whatsapp status link View or Macedonia Phone Number List respond to a status You can view the existing status of your contacts using the status tab. A list of contacts and the status they posted will then appear. You can view all the status updates of a certain contact and you can even reply to them. For example, you can allow your target audience to write in the status that you are offering them a dedicated coupon to buy the product, if they reply to the status and explicitly ask for it. That way you will also have control and you can reply to that contact individually.

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Deleting a status update As a rule, the statuses exist for Phone Number QA 24 hours and then they go up. However, sometimes you will want to delete them, due to a mistake or the termination of the promotion or some other reason. To delete a status, go to the statuses tab, click on my status, click on “more” and then click on delete. You can also delete several different statuses by long pressing and selecting them. Transfer status to a normal or group chat WhatsApp allows you to transfer a certain status to a normal chat with a contact or to a certain group.

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