Metaverse More Interesting Than the ‘flat’ Internet on Which We Now Spend

Every day there are still 1 million people walking around in Second Life, a virtual world that last year spent $500 million . More money than in the economies of many countries. But even bigger is the game Fortnite, with 350 million users of which 15 million are logged in on average in a day. A concert in Fortnite by Ariana Grande has already attracted 78 million visitors. No wonder that all kinds of artists are suddenly queuing up to perform virtually. Manchester City and Sony are building a metaverse stadium and the Dutch Beyond Sports processes real-time data from events in all kinds of VR products. It won’t be long before you can walk around in a match live in the metaverse.

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Marketing in the metaverse: experience is central

You can already experience Heineken’s Pixel beer, McDonalds’ McRib and Fanta fountains at restaurant Wendy’s in the metaverse, but obviously not taste it. They are especially funny examples of new ways of marketing. The key word here is real experience . Creating a virtual item does not mean that it will immediately stand out and customers will buy it. If you want to build something like this, think carefully Hospital Mailing Lists about a user’s involvement in this experience and how it ties into the fully immersed digital experiences in the metaverse.

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Restaurant Wendy’s, for example, has a Buck BiscuitDome basketball court, where visitors can play and buy a real burger for just $1 as a thank you for visiting. Gucci opened its vault : a shop in the metaverse with all kinds of unique digital vintage clothing items. The company has even more plans: “It will be a time machine, an archive, a library, a laboratory, and a meeting place.”

But it’s not just about the flat ‘selling’ of products and services. A good example is Nikeland, a mega complex of the sportswear manufacturer in the metaverse. Not only can all kinds of sports be practiced virtually here, but you can also design your own Nike sneakers here. You can virtually put them on as you walk through the metaverse. But you can also have them printed physically and sent to your home.

Co-creation, innovation & customer contact

You therefore see more and more companies experimenting with the possibilities that the metaverse offers. Sharing ideas and concepts, discussing prototypes or even co-designing, or even letting people make something themselves. As a company, you can not only test beautiful prototypes and new innovations faster and more effectively.

You can also improve customer contact in all kinds of unique ways in the metaverse. A good example is car manufacturer Hyundai, which recently opened a ‘mobility adventure’ in the metaverse. Visitors can not only try new cars and participate in all kinds of cool activities and experiences, but also put together a custom physical car, try it out and order it right away.

Recently, the first Fashion Week was also organized in the metaverse. For five days, famous fashion houses showed their latest fashion in a unique way. Visitors could also try on virtual Estée Lauder makeup and for each visitor there was free gold glitter, which made the virtual visitors sparkle.

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