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Elementor is a very useful plugin in cases where you want to design pages. These are the main advantages: Without code knowlege – pages can be designe without the nee to understand code or software. (However, it does not respond to advance cases where work with code is require). Doesn’t materially affect site spee – every WordPress plugin that is shown to the user affects the loading spee. But Elementor does not significantly affect the spee of your site. Suitable for any theme – Elementor is suitable for any design template that is installe on the website. Free version – Elementor includes a free version with over 5 million downloads and installations through WordPress.

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There is technical support – you can get technical Uganda Phone Number List support in the WordPress forums or through a company that provides solutions in the field. Additional extensions – the version has additional extensions, some paid and some free, which gives you more tools. Elementor – features and tools for designing pages So after we have explaine what it is and why it is worthwhile, here comes the stage of explaining the features and tools that the free add-on offers and they are: Titles and texts – can be designe in a customize way, including size, position, color, background color, spacing and more. Images and videos – you can add images and videos to the designe page, even add them as a background. Buttons – specially adjuste buttons can be adde for activation . Icons – you can add features or benefits with the presentation of visual icons.

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Gallery and carousels – suitable for those who Phone Number QA want to display their list of projects or clients in one location. Accordions – suitable for designing a page using hidden and folde text with sentences. Separator and spacer – which allow to separate or space between elements. Columns – to display content in several columns in the same row. Google Maps – option to display a map and the location of your business. and more. Additionally, the $49 paid pro version offers additional features such as: Popups – to allow the user to see a registration panel when clicking a button for example.

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