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Often though, they struggle to provide unique value and offer essentially. The same information as the home or service pages — but with a different city in the H1 and meta title. This happens because unique content is hard to come by.  When every location does or sells the same thing. The question isn’t, “How should I go about creating an awesome location page. But rather, “Am I giving customers enough unique value to even justify this page in the first place. If the answer is “no,” it’s time to find new opportunities for valuable content. Read on for ways to determine whether you’re offering unique value for your location pages, and how to make them better.

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Is your content actually unique? When it Netherlands Phone Number List comes to building awesome location pages that will impress your customers and search engines, content is your most powerful tool. And I’m not just talking about words-on-a-page, paragraph-form content. Content is any information on your page, in any medium. Regardless of the way you communicate to customers (text-base content, video, images, etc.), location page content will fall into one of three buckets: 1. Boilerplate Boilerplate content can be copie and pastd across all locations and remain accurate. A brand’s mission statement falls into this category, for example.

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Over The Ones That Seem The Most Difficult

The good thing about boilerplate content is it Phone Number MX doesn’t require much work to implement. It also doesn’t provide the unique value we’re looking for. As a rule of thumb, use boilerplate content when it’s necessary (and it will be) but avoid creating pages where the majority of content falls into this category. 2. Technically “unique” Let’s say you want to avoid duplicate content across location pages so you rewrite the same information (business description, services, etc.) over and over again. Voila! It’s unique, right? Not exactly. Technically, it’s unique but it’s not saying anything new about that location Hence.

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