Marketing automation for B2B: how it really works

Marketing automation brings a whirlwind of new possibilities. A wind that still makes some of us dizzy to this day. What we can really do with it is often only superficially explained, not to mention the underlying reasons for using marketing automation. In this article we therefore go into depth and tell you how marketing automation can actually work for your organization.

What is marketing automation again?

Let’s start with a little refresher. What is marketing automation again? In simple terms, marketing automation is automating your marketing processes. With marketing automation technology you send potential customers the right message, at the right time, leading them closer to a purchase.

The purpose of this is to bind these so-called leads VP Software Email Lists to your organization as early as possible. After leads have left their data in exchange for, for example, an e-book, it is necessary to continue to stimulate them. Marketing automation helps you support the entire path, from entering data to the moment a lead transfers to sales (also known as the buyer journey.

VP of Software Email Lists

Compare it to a football match: marketing automation gives the lead and sales eventually heads it in.

Who is marketing automation interesting for?

Before we proceed, it is important to clarify for whom marketing automation is the right choice. Marketing automation in B2B is especially interesting for companies that receive leads on a regular basis and have the dedication to fully implement and optimize marketing automation.

If at most one or two leads come in per week, you have to ask yourself whether it is worth purchasing a complete marketing automation package for this. More is better when it comes to marketing automation.

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