Marketing Automation Software Then Assigns a Letter or Number

Lead grading is only half the story. A lead can match the ideal profile you have drawn up, but if this lead is not interestd, you are nowhere. That’s where lead scoring comes in handy. Basd on points, the marketing automation software keeps track of how much interest a specific lead has shown in your organization or product. You set the number of points that are awarde when, for example, downloading a white paper, opening or clicking on an e-mail or registering for a webinar.

Pleasant Way

Let’s say a lead gets 10 points for opening an email, 50 points for downloading a whitepaper, and 20 points for clicking a link in the email. Leads can therefore score between 0 and 80 points Chief and VP of Training Email Lists in this scenario, with 0 points indicating a low-interest or ‘cold’ lead and 80 points indicating a ‘hot’ lead. In this way you keep track of exactly which leads are ready for a sales conversation and which leads ned some more or different content to get excitd.

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists


No, workflow does not mean creating in a pleasant way of working. Workflows are automate sequences of actions and steps over a period of time. Sounds complicatd, but it isn’t. The idea of ​​a workflow is that you can send automatd messages to leads basd on their past behavior, guiding them step-by-step towards that first purchase. You therefore draw up an effective workflow base on the steps in the buyer journey.

For example, you offer an e-book on your website. To receive this eBook, someone must first leave their name, email and phone number. With the help of marketing automation you ensure that this data is registered immediately and that this person is automatically linked to the associatd workflow.

This workflow can consist of a thank you email, SMS or social media message basd on the download, a reminder – depending on whether or not the previous email/text/post was clicke – and a follow-up message with a blog on the same topic.

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