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Objectives As with any strategy, whether SEO, marketing, or across other areas. We must first understand the current context .What we have at the moment (and how it serves us) — to then determine our objectives, where we intend to catch up. As a result, the first step is to compile a list of searches for keywords that you rank in the top ten positions for. And note which already have featur snippets. For even greater chances, filter for just the top three positions as well. Since that’s where Google selects the featur snippet 70% of the time. There are several methods for this, with the main difference being spe.

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I will share three approaches, to cover the Egypt Phone Number List range of demands that different teams may have. Moz Keyword Explorer In a very intuitive way, Moz’s Keyword Explorer has an easy approach to help you out with this stage of creating your list of opportunities. To do this, simply access the keywords you rank for and filter positions 1-10. Then, create your own list and then select the “Featur Snippet” option under SERP feature. Source Moz Now you have a complete list of opportunities! Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Ahrefs Web Master Tools (the free version of Ahrefs) can also be us to create your list of opportunities.

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The process is largely similar, simply access Phone Number QA the Organic keywords” feature, click on “SERP features” (under Include and select Featur snippet. After doing this, the tool will present a series of results, including snippets that you have already achiev. You can follow up on each result separately or export the complete list. To clean your data, leaving only the opportunities, exclude all keywords that are in first place  those already consider featur snippets by the tool — after all, you hear less about position zero nowadays. Google Search Console.

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