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You are probably asking yourself, why is this tool useful at all, especially if there is Google Analytics and there is also Google Search Console, which provide more in-depth information. Well, here are the benefits for you: Simple and easy explanation – this tool presents you with information in a simple and clear way, so you don’t have to research and interpret concepts to understand it. Free – this tool is free and does not require you to pay anything. Administrative tool – this tool is for a more managerial level in your business. So if you work with a web promotion company or other expert, you can get a critique of his/her work. Summarizes and focuses – this tool shows you focus and links of the most important data. The viewed content, the leading traffic sources and more.

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Which also saves you time searching and Romania Phone Number List checking. Digital Personal Assistant – This tool also presents you with explanations and insights that you can use to improve the content. Search Console Insights features and tools This tool shows you the following information: Overview – a chart showing the number of page views on your website in the last 28 days (with daily segmentation), as well as the average viewing time on the website pages. New content – here you can get data about the performance of new content published on the site. Regarding each content, you can get the number of views by users and the average time spent on it.

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You can click on any row to get more insights. Popular Phone Number QA content – here you can get information about the content that brings the highest number of views. Each content has a number of views and an average time spent reading or viewing it. You can click for more insights. Website access channels – here you can find out how users get to your website according to the means of access. Organic search, social networks, referrals and links from websites, sponsored advertising, direct and more. You can know the number of views and the average duration. Google search – here you can get the most common and popular search queries (keywords) in recent times.

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