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A digital marketing expert is available for a call to promote your business Check how to improve your marketing channels to promote sales and customers in the business – free initial consultation (instead of NIS 599). full name phone E-mail Area of ​​activity of the business What service or product are you interested in. I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . For example, if you publish an article or a new guide, you will want to know if it has any traffic at all. You will also be able to know which keywords feeders are using before they land on your site.

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Of course, you can also get insights about content that Qatar Phone Number List has become popular recently and more. Whether you work with an SEO company or not, you probably want to get general insights about your website, without having to delve into the data, so Search Console Insights is for you. If of course you want in-depth information, then you can go to Google Analytics or Google Search Console, to get the more comprehensive information. If you use this tool correctly, it can help you understand how to improve the content on your website and how to make users like you more. This is how it looks: Search Console Insights. Credit: Google Search Console Insights. Credit: Google How does Search Console Insights help.

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This tool provides you with information and answers to Phone Number QA the following questions: What is the performance of the new content on your website (number of views, popularity, etc.). How users discover your content on the Internet (traffic sources). What users search for on Google before entering your website (keywords). How users find you on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Which articles and sources point to your website or content (links to your website). Advantages of Search Console Insights – why is it worthwhile.

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