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Now you might’ve guessed alidating other people’s experiences. Critical thinking Critical thinking is the objective. Unbiase analysis and evaluation of available facts, in order to form a judgment. It’s absolutely crucial in a space like SEO and digital marketing, as SEO is fille with opinions and occasional facts, and it can be challenging to stay objective and be aware of our own biases. Asking (better) questions is a big part of developing critical thinking. To do so, you will nee a healthy amount of curiosity and skepticism. Skepticism will help develop the habit of questioning assumptions, and improve the practice of reasoning through logic.

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While curiosity will prompt you to seek out Senegal Phone Number List diversity of thoughts. You also want to improve your research skills by looking at the credibility of your sources and actively seeking out the opinions that are different from yours. This is by no means an easy thing to do. It requires time and energy to go out of your way to do research, ask questions, and respectfully engage with views and experiences that are different from yours. This skill is useful when reviewing any SEO opinions, analyzing data, reviewing search engine guidelines and algorithms. It can also be extremely helpful when presenting to stakeholders or decision-makers. Critical thinking can help keep your confirmation bias in check, and prepare to deal with concerns and objections.

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For more tips on improving your own Phone Number MX critical thinking check out this article by Harvard Business Review. Slide from Petra’s MozCon presentation, black text on yellow background: “It’s better to know that you are wrong than to think that you are right” 3. Proactive listening Proactive or active listening means that you attentively listen to whoever is speaking to you. It requires you to absorb what is being said, and to listen with the goal to fully understand what the speaker is communicating to you. Now, you might’ve guessed.

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