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Week that’s just 40 minutes a month. If you get a conversion, isn’t it worth doing? If you do them correctly, you can get a lot more than just one conversion. In the past, I would have told you that posts stay live in your profile for seven days, unless you use one of the post templates that includes a date range, in which case they stay live for the entire date range. But it looks like Google has changed the way that posts work, and now Google displays your 10 most recent posts in a carousel with a little arrow to scroll through.

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Then when you get to the end of those 10 Bolivia Phone Number List posts, it has a link to view all of your older posts. Now you shouldn’t pay attention to most of what you see online about Posts because there’s a ridiculous amount of misinformation or simply outdated information out there. Avoid words on the “no-no” list Quick tip: Be careful about the text that you use. Anything with sexual connotation will get your post denied. This is really frustrating for some industries. If you put up a post about weather stripping, you get vetoed because of the word stripping.

Bolivia Phone Number List

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Or if you’re a plumber and you post Phone Number QA about “toilet repairs” or “unclogging a toilet”, you get denied for using the word “toilet.” So be careful if you have anything that might be on that no-no, naughty list. Use an enticing thumbnail The full post contains an image. A full post has the image and then text with up to 1,500 characters, and that’s all most people pay attention to. But the post thumbnail is the key to success. No one is going to see the full post if the thumbnail isn’t enticing enough to click on. Think of it like you’re creating a paid search campaign. You need really compelling copy if you want more clicks on your ad or a really.

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