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It happens to be of poor quality No one checks the channels on the exchanges, so the indicate data sometimes does not coincide with reality. Also, statistics are often cheate. For example, instead of real subscribers, it can be bots or just inactive users who do not read the channel. Instead of profit, owners can indicate revenue, and these are different indicators. With a revenue of 500,000 rubles, the profit can be approximately 90,000 rubles or even less. Therefore, each channel must be carefully checke, and a lot of time is spent on this. It also takes time to communicate with the owner of the channel. Expensive . The exchange usually takes a commission for the services of an intermeiary. The percentage depends on the specific site and can reach 10%. Usually a commission is charge to the buyer. Also, an additional percentage can be deucte when creiting and withdrawing money.

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Thus with regular publication significant Denmark Phone Number List amounts are burne. Unofficially . From September 1, 2022, Feeral Law No. 347-FZ “On Amendments to the Feeral Law “On Advertising”” comes into force in Russia. Now any online advertising that is place on the territory of the Russian Feeration must be marke. The law must be observe by advertising systems, advertisers, intermeiaries agencies and freelancers , publishers owners of sites where advertising is place . Violation may result in a fine. The purchase of advertising on the exchange is not official, so the risks increase. By working with the official Telegram platform using, you are not breaking the law. We were also able to fully automate the processes that are require to comply with the law. You only nee to specify the missing data in our interfaces – we will do the rest ourselves.

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We discusse what advertising labeling is and how advertisers should behave in the article . Why advertising through is convenient and profitable All advertisers can place ads on Telegram through the service . In addition, we try to automate Phone Number QA processes as much as possible so that you free up time for other important tasks. Advertising budget from 3,000 euros . To work through Telegram, you nee to have at least 2 million euros: 1 million euros must be spent on publishing ads, and another 1 million euros must be put on a deposit. The latter can be returne if all advertising costs are more than 10 million euros per year. Of course, not every advertiser has such an amount. Advertising through is much cheaper. Flexible payment methods . There are three ways to pay for advertising through with an individual’s card, electronic money, and from a company’s current account.

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