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Don’t convey too much information about a website’s performance. You can use this part of your SEO report to ease into upsell opportunities and show your. SEO chops when it comes to the broader scope of SEO marketing and how everything is interconnected. Keyword ranking Since SEO is all about getting specific pages to rank for target keywords. You need to include keyword performance and rankings in your SEO report. I love using keyword information to jumpstart a conversation with my clients around user intent and bringing SEO strategy back to their business goals.

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I love using this time to show that I understand Qatar Phone Number List SEO is more than keywords and Google. At the end of the day, if my SEO strategy is not driving qualified traffic and boosting conversions, then my clients will find another agency. Keywords are the basis of search engines, and I like to use keyword ranking data to tie in the “bigger picture”, along with specific SEO tactics and push to secure more sales. Here are a few talking points to consider with keyword performance in my monthly SEO reports and client check-ins: Show snapshots of keyword tools like Moz Keyword Tool and Ahrefs to show patterns.

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Tie MoM changes into an SEO report template Phone Number QA to show progress and boost each client call’s energy. Recommend content optimizations, outreach, and other SEO tactics to drive target keywords. Tie keyword ranking to your services, results, and your client’s business goals. Run a quick technical SEO audit and content audit to provide new opportunities for additional work. This is a great way to improve your client’s site’s performance while also increasing trust and monthly income. Keyword rankings give a strong signal around user intent, market trends, and competitor strategies. You can use keyword rankings in your SEO reports to focus attention on success and move the.

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