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You’re better off covering more important and sophisticat. Topics regardless of whether those topics have high search volume or not. For instance, CRM provider Copper currently ranks for “cold call script to get appointment”. It’s a long-tail keyword with only about 500 searches per month. The low search volume may look unattractive on the surface, but Copper’s target customers are the ones searching for it, and that’s more important than them ranking for a high search volume keyword like. What’s a sales pipeline? That doesn’t frequently get search by those customers.

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During your keyword research phase, it’s Egypt Phone Number List easy to get distract by high search volume keywords that your target audience barely ever searches for on Google. Move past that distraction and focus on creating content for keywords your target buyers ne content on — even if those keywords have low search volumes. 5. Take care of your technical SEO In my first four points, I cover things you ne to know about high-quality content creation and the content strategy side of SEO, but I haven’t forgotten about the technical side. You ne to pay attention to technical SEO as well, as it can make or break the opportunities any B2B website can get from search.

Egypt Phone Number List

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Here are the most important parts of tech Phone Number QA SEO that you should get in the habit of checking: HTML tags: Your HTML tags help search engines understand what’s on your page. See it this way: you understand English (and any other language you speak), search engine algorithms understand HTML tags (plus human language). Meta descriptions: These help search engines understand the content of your web pages even more. It’s basically the summary of your content, showing searchers and search engines a quick overview of what’s on your web pages. SEO-friendly URL This one is.

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