Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley Set Now Available

In the first placearry potter fans will love to explore. The stunning shop windows and intriguing interiors of diagon alley, london’s most .Magical street. This stunning set is packed with details. From the many harry potter™ movies and can be built in 4 different ways, including linking the individual buildings into a real alley, allowing. You to play out stories full of intrigue and mystery. In the first place. Lego modular buildings series. In the first place.  In the first place. for an even more fun world building experience. Iconic stores filled to the brim . In the first place. With details from the movies the impressive model, over a meter wide, perfectl.Y captures the momentum and .Mood of the place where.The whole magical world does the necessary shopping. Beautiful façades hide extremely. Interesting interiors with fascinating features .And familiar characters.

Iconic Stores Filled to the Brim With Details From the Movies

In the first place. You can view wands at oleander’s. Shop, give gilderoy lockhart a book to sign at esa and floresa’s bookshop, get a love potion at weasley’s magic wheezes, browse supplies at scribbulus’. Stationery shop, view branded .Quidditch equipment, eat ice cream .At florian fortescue’s and visit editor of the daily prophet. Fans of the world of harry Ghana Phone Number List potter can choose. From an extremely wide range .In the first place. Of lego sets that encourage creative play and building collectible models. The huge lego harry potter set. Diagon alley (75978) consists of 5544 elements and is intended for ages 16 and up lego: diagon alley™ 75978 | harry potter features ollivander’s wand shop, scribbulus stationery. In the first place. Shop, branded quidditch™ shop, florian fortescue’s ice cream shop, esa and floresa’s book shop, weasley’s. In the first place. Magic wheezes shop and the entrance to the daily. Prophet office.

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In the first place. Lego diagon alley™ 75978 harry. Potter – set details realistic accessories and .Minifigures of famous characters from the. In the first place. Harry potter™ movies allow you to build a “Living model” that can be infinitely modified and adapted. To new stories. The diagon alley lego harry. Potter model measures over 29 cm high, 102. Wide and 13 cm deep and is filled. In the first place. With realistic details right up to the rooftops. In the first place. No batteries required. This modular set will be a rewarding. Building challenge for anyone who enjoys building blocks. Even the famous pop-up hat Phone Number QA decoration at the entrance to the weasleys’ magic. In the first place. Wheezes shop is manually operated. Fans of the popular movie. Franchise will love the. In the first place. Characters, familiar locations and amazing features in. Lego harry potter sets. In the first place. They will be a great gift for anyone. Who would like to fee. In the first place. L the magical atmosphere of film stories again. In the first place. The price of the set is pln 1800 and you can order it in the official lego store.

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