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As a smart marketer your strategy should be. To prioritize reaching them with the bottom of funnel content they’re looking for. You probably know what BoFu content looks like, but just so we’re on the same page as to what it really is. See these examples of BoFu content from SocialPilot ranking on page one. I’m not affiliat with SocialPilot, so I don’t know if they kick off their. SEO content marketing with these BoFu topics (search terms). But if they did, chances are they experienc quick success (in terms of relevant product awareness and sign-ups.

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Since the articles are ranking on Google’s front Czech Republic Phone Number List page for searchers looking for “Buffer alternatives”. Bottom line is, as a B2B brand, you’ll be better off prioritizing BoFu topics in your SEO strategy. It’s a much better approach than starting all the way at the top of the funnel, which would be targeting searchers who aren’t ready to make a purchase (or sign-up) decision. But shouldn’t you start with top of funnel content, since that’s where buyers start their journey? If you think your strategy should be to first target visitors at the top of the funnel  you’re probably assuming that your prospects will first consume your.

Czech Republic Phone Number List

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To content before ever getting to Phone Number QA the bottom. That’s hardly ever the case in real life. What often happens is: A prospective customer knows they have a problem They search Google for a solution Google shows them multiple solutions on page one They read reviews and supporting information to help them make a purchase decision They make a decision to either buy or not buy If you think back to the last purchase decision you made, this was probably the route you took. So it’s not all the time that buyers will start reading your top of funnel content, discover your.

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