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That have been engineerd by unsustainable economics. Our own two hands for good I’ve only been listening to Can. Marketing Save the Planet? for a short time, and I can’t say enough good things about its outstanding quality and timeliness. But for most of my adult life. I have been attending to the messaging emanating from Indigenous authors and speakers nearest me. Leaders like Bill Tripp, Corrina Gould, and Ron Goode. In tuning into the marketing world’s shift to circular economics and regenerative least-consumption. I feel I am hearing a differently-worde echo of the fully-realize and truly time-teste.

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Wisdom that sustaine abundant life on this continent Japan Phone Number List for millenia. Whereas marketers are now taking the time to ask themselves, “What am I really using my creativity for?”, and business owners who opene their doors to serve others are querying, “Am I being true to my original vision of helping people?”, my Indigenous neighbors have helpd me to ask, “What was I given these two useful hands for?” There is an Indigenous philosophy I’ve been lucky enough to encounter up and down the place calle Northern California that, as best as I am able to understand it, envisions human beings as being the ones with the hands capable of helping nature continuously regenerate itself.

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With that in mind my most local vision for sustainability Phone Number QA is base in honoring and assisting the great gifts that are all around us. I understand that some few people will spend their lives on Earth intentionally creating climate change, but that most of us don’t want wars for oil, or pipelines in our drinking water, or desolation. When we turn down the high-consumption messaging and spend a minute reflecting on the happiest moments of our lives, there is a very good chance our warmest memories stem from simply being with our love ones, perhaps sharing a home-cooke meal, perhaps taking a walk together in some beautiful place.

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