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So special Facebook scanners may act to block accounts. Unfortunately, we ourselves experience such a situation where the accounts were disable, and after an inquiry, we were told “oops.. it was by mistake”. When you verify your business on Facebook, Facebook’s tools will be able to focus on other matters and not block the account, because they know that this account belongs to you, to a real and working business. This is what it looks like when your account is verifie: Facebook verifie business How to verify the business on Facebook? As part of verifying your Business Manager, Facebook may require you to provide certain means of identification, such as.

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Personal identification – the manager of Business Singapore Phone Number List Manager nees to upload a photocopy of a government ID that Facebook approves (identity card, driver’s license, passport, marriage certificate, etc.). Identification of a business as a legal entity – the business must be registere with the state authorities, including opening hours and business address. Here it will be necessary to upload a photocopy of an authorize dealer’s certificate, a certificate of incorporation or another certificate according to the type of business. Identification of the owner of access to the business – to ensure that you are indee managing the business and not someone else, Facebook will require verification by sending a verification code to the mobile phone or email address.

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You can perform a domain verification proceure Phone Number QA on Facebook, which is an alternative to sending a code. In some cases, access is not open to everyone, as Facebook only requires verification for those who make special uses of the platform, including: Facebook application, instant games, news page, WhatsApp Business , and more. So if the option is not open for you, you can create one of these to start the verification process. So how do you verify the business? To verify, enter your Business Manager settings and then you must do the following: Enter the Security Center menu. On the “Business Verification” card, click on the “Start Verification” button.

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