Are your URLs eed to know about writing SEO-friendly URLs. language Whether Pakistan Phone Number

Are your URLs eed to know about writing SEO-friendly URLs.

Pay attention to Google’s SEO advice

Once in a while, Google hosts hangout sessions where a top employee will Pakistan Phone Number answer questions about search engine optimization. In the past, these sessions were hosted by Matt Cutts. Today, they’re hosted by Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller.

Use discernment with Google employee responses

It’s important to pay attention to what Google employees say about SEO. However, use your own discernment before acting on their advice. Although Google’s employees are a wealth of information and advice, they often provide limited answers to important questions.

For example, in response to a question bout using keywords in URLs to influence ranking, Search Engine Journal quotes John Mueller as saying,

I believe that’s a very small ranking factor.

Note that Mueller’s answer wasn’t derived from factual assertions about Pakistan Phone Number Google’s algorithm. He stated a belief about the ranking power of using keywords in URLs. It’s possible that sharing a definite answer would give away Google’s secret algorithm. However, it’s equally possible that he doesn’t know the answer and is giving his educated opinion.

It’s not that Google’s employees are intentionally being vague. They’ve all signed non-disclosure agreements and have strict parameters regarding how much information they can provide when answering even the most basic questions.

Regardless, one thing is clear: nobody – not even Google’s employees – can publicly verify or deny with absolute certainty how much power keywords have in a URL. Although, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using keywords in. your URLs.

Should you use keywords in your URLs? Yes and no

Pakistan Phone Number
Pakistan Phone Number

Using keywords in your URLs is helpful for visitors regardless of their SEO power. Even though search engines and mobile browsers don’t generally display full URLs anymore, users might want to find a webpage in their browser’s history and will search by keyword.

The best approach is to use between one and three targeted keywords related to your page content. However, format your URLs for your visitors first. When you do that, you won’t need to know how much ranking power exists to get whatever ranking benefits might be available for your keywords.

3 General URL Structuring tips

It’s important to structure your URLs within certain technical parameters to get full SEO benefits. Here are three basic URL structuring tips.

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