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One of them automatically receives data on the availability of goods on marketplaces and enters them into a file in Google Sheets. The second script, base on this information, enables or disables ads leading to a specific page. Let’s talk in more detail. The robot automatically opens the document, follows each link and checks for the availability of the product. To do this, we have compile a list of URLs of the necessary pages of online stores. You can also collect information from XML files downloade from all sites. However, there were few commodity items, up to 200 pieces at each site, so we chose the first option. Advertising automation The algorithm determines the status of the product by two indicators: the price and the inscription on the button. So, if the page has a cost and an “Add to Cart” button, the system considers that the product is on sale.

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If there is no price but there is a button Latvia Phone Number List Report on arrival”, then the position is over. Due to the difference in site design, we finalize the main script for each platform. The program generates two columns with the results of the past and current day. Advertising automation After that, the second algorithm comes into play. It compares two columns and determines the status change for each item. If the algorithm “sees” that the product has appeare on the site, it launches an advertisement – and vice versa. Advertising automation To quickly find out the results of checks, we integrate the solution with the Make automation platform (formerly Integromat). After parsing, we receive a short message about the number of changes in Telegram and an email with more detaile information. Panasonic employees receive the same data. Advertising automation Advertising automation What were the difficulties? Most online stores have protection against robots.

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To pass off our algorithm as a real user, we Phone Number QA taught him to act like a human: launch a browser, open a web developer panel, use cookies, and so on. The second difficulty is associate with frequent changes in the layout of the site eplaza.panasonic.ru. To avoid errors, we adde one more condition to the script. If the robot does not find any price or any of the buttons, it asks us to check the availability of the product manually. Just in case, the system automatically disables advertising for such products. What else can be improve? The system completely solves its task, but there is no limit to perfection. Now the algorithm parses all the data, and then saves them. Therefore, for any problem, such as a page freeze, it starts all over again and wastes additional time. If the robot saves data consistently, skipping the problematic URL, this situation will not happen.


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