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Result for Yekaterinburg As an example of an effective link strategy, the result for Yekaterinburg is given – visibility 47% Setting up for commercial content The main goal was to make the site convenient for potential buyers – this is also appreciate by search engines. For this purpose, the most informative unique product cards were made. Cards In addition to unique data for each product, the same products have their own cards for each region The user has the opportunity to familiarize himself with all the documentation for the goods. Certificate Placement Example Certificate Placement Example Also on the site adde a display of the availability of goods in showrooms. Availability of goods This is a very convenient option, which is also appreciate by search engines.

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Results of promotion First of all it was possible EL Salvador Phone Number List to achieve an increase in the visibility of the resource. Interestingly, the effect was more noticeable in regions with an active offline showroom. Results for Yekaterinburg Results for Yekaterinburg Results of promotion in Kazan The results of promotion in Kazan, for example, were less significant As a result of this stage of promotion lasting 1.5 years, we manage to double the traffic of the main site. At the same time, it grew much stronger on subdomains – about 5 times. Again, subdomains in regions with open offline showrooms showe the greatest growth. In addition, the number of visits to the site has increase. If at the end of 2019 the monthly traffic was about 7,000, then in the middle of 2022 this figure was already Growth in attendance.

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Growth in traffic over the lifetime of the site In addition, the number of online orders alone has triple in the last year. Largely due to this, the store’s revenue is also increasing, for example, in the first two quarters of 2022, it was twice the results of the entire previous year. The store also manage to double its retail network. Thus, SEO gave very noticeable Phone Number QA results for the promotion of the company and playe a significant role in the development of the business. But the main thing is that the effect is getting stronger and allows the store to grow further, creating the potential to take new positions. A permanent link is a link that is place for the duration of the site.

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