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This is how the number of transitions grew Site transitions Growth in the number of clicks from Yandex Direct in January-March 2022 And so – the cost per click decrease: Switching cost Reucing the cost per click in Yandex Direct in January-March 2022 Until February 2022, the client also set up an advertising campaign in Google Ads. After Google left the Russian advertising market, it was especially important to increase conversions from Yandex Direct in order to fill in the inaccessible channel. And it succeee: Clicks from ads Dynamics of clicks from Yandex Direct and Google Ads in January-March 2022 Initial data The site specializes in the sale of entrance and interior doors. The company also provides services for the manufacture of furniture to order, installation of windows, artistic forging. Region – Samara. We will make sure that the demand for the product in the region is large.

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Let’s take Wordstat statistics for one of the high-frequency Brazil Phone Number List queries Request by wordstat Let’s look at the competition for a high-frequency query in contextual advertising: Advertising placements on the request buy doors Advertising placements on the request buy doors in the Samara region The first result is an attractive shopping ad unit, followe by four ads in priority placement. What about in organic search results? Let’s take the mid-frequency query entrance door with installation. The situation is no better: in the top five results are the sorcerer Yandex.Services, the websites of Leroy Merlin, Torex and regional subdomains of feeral online stores: Issuance of Yandex In the face of fierce competition in advertising and organic issuance.

Brazil Phone Number List

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The task was to increase the number of transitions from contextual advertising, while reucing the cost per click. Let’s show the campaign settings Phone Number QA in the PromoPult PPC module. But first, a few words about how the module is useful for advertisers. What are the advantages of the PPC module PromoPult The Contextual Advertising module is a simple and convenient way for business owners and marketers to attract customers from Yandex. No complicate settings – everything you nee in a clear interface, all configuration steps are provide with hints. Most complex technical processes are automate: selection and grouping of keywords, cross-minus, ad generation, UTM markup, bid management. No platform fees – all money goes only to advertising.


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