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Landing rubles per month. “Good site” – 880 rubles per month. “Internet store” – 880 rubles per month. “First base” – 1800 rubles per month. “Master of Courses” – 2480 rubles per month. The online store module is includ e in all packages, except for the first one. But in order to get a full set of options, it is better to choose “First Base”, at this tariff you can add up to 10,000 products. is an integrat e one-button sales solution. The emphasis is on the ease of settings, and this is noticeable – the interface is simple and straightforward. In the control panel, you can activate the online store module and get the desir e set of options: settings for order forms, baskets, payments, import/export tools with detail e instructions.

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In the top menu you can view statistics set up Afghanistan Phone Number List advertising and mailing. Setup There are many templates for stores on this constructor, they are divid e into categories depending on the product group. They can be moderately eit e: swap blocks, choose a font, background, insert html code. In each section there are tips on the correct content of the site. Setup Setup Benefits: With over 7,000 pre-made templates, you can easily find the right one for any business. Convenient constructor of forms, buttons, logos. Ability to emb e HTML code. There are no disk space restrictions on paid plans. The “Advertising” module allows you to quickly launch contextual ads and search promotion.

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There is integration with Sape and PromoPult , automatic selection of keys and purchase of links. Convenient CRM. Orders can be filter e by tag, status, customers and email. Synchronization with 1C, Yandex Market, uploading goods to VK – everything Phone Number QA is set up in just a couple of clicks. The ability to get a second-level domain even at a free plan. To do this, you just ne e to fill out 3 pages of the site. Lots of hints and instructions for beginners. Setup Disadvantages: Limit e visual eitor and few options for customizing templates. No integration with delivery services. Paid connection of an SSL certificate – 900 rubles per year. Setup tariffs: Free – free. Pro – 490 rubles per month. Shop – 590 rubles per month.


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