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However this task was complicate by some circumstances. Clients who use a variety of CMS, including self-written ones, apply for promotion services. This creates additional difficulties: for example, it is impossible to create some kind of ready-made solution that is suitable for any resource. It was necessary to develop an automate and easily controlle tool for managing page indexing. To test the spee of getting new pages into the index of the Yandex search engine, a promote site was chosen that went through the “proceure” of moving to another CMS: from an outdate version of Joomla to a new version of WordPress. At the beginning of the experiment, the search engine knew 66 pages of this resource. During the move, the page URL structure change, so it was decide to influence the indexing spee – for this, the team use the IndexNow technology.

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It is important to note that Google does not yet Georgia Phone Number List support this technology, so its effectiveness was teste exclusively in Yandex. IndexNow for Search Engine Optimization IndexNow is a protocol through which you can instantly inform search engines about changes to your site. When creating, updating, or deleting new pages, it allows you to quickly reflect these changes in search results. In this way, you can submit up to 10,000 URLs for indexing at a time. IndexNow is license under the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License and supporte by Microsoft Bing,, Yandex. Alternatively, you can use Yandex Webmaster “Crawl Pages” tool or Google Search Console “Request Indexing” function . However, these options are inferior to IndexNow because they are limite in the number of URLs that can be submitte for reindexing at the same time.

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You can also use an XML sitemap but many resources don’t keep it up to date. Working with IndexNow To start work, you nee to confirm the rights to manage the site using a special key. The key can be generate in several ways: 1. Generation takes place on the site . Key generation The process of generating a key that must be copie into a text document Phone Number QA and place in the root directory of the site 2. The key can be generate manually. At the same time, Yandex has a number of key requirements that must be taken into account: Encoding is UTF-8 only. The minimum number of characters in the key is 8, the maximum is 128. The key can contain characters az, AZ , 0-9, -. The file must not contain HTML markup. Copy the generate key to a TXT file. Place the file with the key in the root directory of the site. It must be available at.

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