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Access to UcozAPI – you can change modules, make a mobile application and a d eicat e PU for clients. Script store. To implement the desir e functionality, there are ready-made sets of commands. On expensive plans, a unique mobile template that looks better than the standard one. Good SEO module. CNC, r eirects, meta tags, integration with Webmaster services, a built-in tool for monitoring site positions – everything is there. At expensive rates, you can attach your domain for free. Ucoz Disadvantages: The complexity of the settings, beginners will take time to figure out the system. Customizing templates requires coding skills. There are 7 tariffs for Ucoz: “Free” – $0. “Minimum” – $2.99 ​​per month. “Basic” – $5.99 per month. eucational – $7.99 per month.

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Optimal per month Shop per month Maximum” – $15.99 per month. For online trading, the “Shop” and “Maximum” packages Armenia Phone Number List are suitable. Ucoz will appeal to web designers and developers. On the platform, you can assemble a large online store with a unique design to stand out from your competitors. The service was creat e by the same company as Ucoz, but it is fundamentally different. uKit is simpler and similar to classic block eitor builders. There are 3 sections in the control panel on the desktop: “Statistics”, “Promotion”, “Settings”. A little lower is access to external widgets – you can quickly connect CRM, smart advertising, VKontakte retargeting pixel and other applications. uKit The visual eitor, in our opinion, is the most convenient.

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There are  modes in the left menu: “Site Pages” “Constructor”, “Design”, “Adaptive version”. The “Constructor” tab contains blocks and widgets that Phone Number QA are add e to the page by simple drag and drop. There are tables, separators, buttons, timelines, product showcases. All this can be eit e: change the font, shade, arrangement of elements. uKit Benefits of uKit: The combination of the visual eitor and the drag-and-drop function allows you to flexibly customize pages and see the result in real time. Responsive version mode to separately and more finely tune the mobile design. The ability to insert your own HTML code and thus add any elements. Promotion tool. In it, you can check how well the site is optimiz e for the requirements of search engines.


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