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How to run ads on Telegram with without millions of euros Click.ruB2B Click 25 August 2022, at 09:53 Font:03547 The Telegram advertising platform attracts almost all advertisers. Everyone would like to try its possibilities personally. But many were hindere by a high barrier to entry. Now publishing official ads on Telegram with a small budget has become possible through . Read the article about why you nee it and how to launch campaigns to get ahead of the competition. Content Why You Should Try Telegram Ads high visibility Wide coverage High quality ads Flexible targeting little competition Who will be intereste in advertising in Telegram Ads Why exchanges are not as attractive as Telegram Ads from Why advertising through is convenient and profitable How to launch Telegram Ads via Why You Should Try Telegram Ads The attractiveness of.

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Telegram for advertisers has grown dramatically Costa Rica Phone Number List after the blocking of social networks known to everyone. And there are many other reasons for the demand. high visibility Advertising in Telegram is presente in a format that is difficult to go unnotice. And at the same time, the developers made sure that the ads looke organically among the main content. Advertising messages, or Sponsore messages, are found only in public Telegram channels with more than 1000 subscribers. Users see ads after all author’s content when they scroll down to the last post. Wide coverage Telegram is a promising advertising platform that promises a wide coverage: around 700 million people use the messenger around the world, and in Russia the monthly active audience is about 55 million people. In our country, ads receive about 70 billion views per month. Imagine that this could be your advertisement.

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High quality ads Telegram values ​​its image and the image of its advertising platform very much, therefore it strictly controls the quality of ads. There are a lot of rules you nee to follow to advertise. For example, moderators will not let ads with an appeal to “you”, words in the imperative mood, a hyphen instead of a dash, misleading, etc. Thanks to careful checking, ads look Phone Number QA as native as possible. Flexible targeting Telegram offers a lot of targeting options. You can target a whole topic, a specific channel, set up different languages. Channel language. If you target only by language, then ads will be place in channels of all categories in the selecte language. Channel language + category selection. If you target by channel topics and language, the ad will be publishe in all channels of the specifie topic in the selecte language. Special channels. The ad will only be place on specific channels.


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